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“All-Points Waste has excelled to fulfill our needs at our 20+ locations.  Our locations maintain constant communication and in the event an issue arises, they are quick to respond and get our equipment/employees back on track.”

– Bill Hall, Director of Transportation & Logistics

“We have been very pleased with All-Points Waste Service in terms of their pricing structures, drop off and pick up services and the quality of their staff and drivers. Lisa Schultz, our account representative has been very good to work with and has resolved any issues we have had in a timely and effective manner.”

– Mike Reece, Union County Habitat for Humanity

“Since 2009, All-Points has handled our waste removal needs here at the Monroe Complex. They have proven to be very responsive to our needs when various issues arise. Their drivers are very good at interacting with site personnel to ensure potential problems are addressed prior to a debilitating incident taking place.”

– Rodney Hopper, Tyson Foods Inc.

“We are very pleased with the service provided by All-Points Waste Service. We started doing business together in July 2012, and I can say that it has been a refreshing change. All-Points does what they say they will do and invoice according to what was quoted! They have not only saved us the price difference in service, but there was soft savings in time that I don’t have to spend going over confusing invoices from the past and sending numerous emails and phone calls to correct. Keep up the good work All-Points!”

– Regina Taylor, Hartmann USA Inc.

“All-Points Waste Service is a very well qualified commercial waste removal  and recycling service I am currently using at Myers Park High School. They have provided updates showing recycled content breakdowns as requested, been dependable, honest, and great to work with. I plan to utilize their services again in the future if possible and would recommend them to anyone else needing this type of service.”

– Brian Cishek, KBR Building Group.

“All-Points Waste Service was an integral part of the Wells Fargo Innovation Park Uplift project and a large component to our success achieving LEED Silver certification. All-Points Waste Service has been dependable, straightforward and honest. Waste management fees can be quite expensive, but All-Points has always been forthright with cost and hours billed, and they even worked with me on payment arrangements. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking commercial waste removal services and commingle recycling.”

– Josh Vallimont, Vannoy Construction.

KleenPro Restoration Testimonial for All-Points

“We have been using All-Points Waste for more than 5 years, with myself as the main point of contact, many times they must speak with me on a daily basis, the office staff is always courteous, knowledgeable and the drivers; always dependable and capable. I would highly recommend All-Points for any waste removal needs.”

– Julie Elkins, Scheduling Manager

All-Points Waste has been wonderful to work with.  They are committed to providing World Class Customer Service which is very important to Killingsworth Environmental.  Everything from the first contact to billing is seamless.  They are a great company to do business with.  In my book, All-Points Waste is 100% ON-POINT!

–  Melissa, Killingsworth Environmental of the Carolinas, LLC. 

Client Reviews

“Good mid-morning! I see a lot of people asking for trash pick up recommendations, so l thought I would share about my experience this morning with All Points Waste. Our trash pick up is every Wednesday and recycle is every other Wednesday. Normally, I get them to the end of my driveway before they get here, but today I just forgot. I’ve been dealing with a sick child all week and well, it slipped my mind until I heard the truck outside…oh well, I will get it next week. There was a knock at the door and I hurried to get presentable (rockin the pjs) and by time I got to the door no one was there, but the trash truck was still in front of my house. I didn’t catch the man’s name and I really wish I had because he was awesome!! He said he comes through every week and we normally have our cans out so he wanted to make sure nothing was wrong causing us to not be able to get them out there (injury, wheelchair, etc) because he would be happy to get them for me. I thanked him and told him that I simply forgot. He grabbed both cans and took them and emptied them for me!!! Above and beyond in my opinion!!!

Amber C. (via Facebook)