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13 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day and Promote Charlotte Trash Collection

13 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day and Promote Charlotte Trash Collection

13 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day and Promote Charlotte Trash Collection

Earth Day, celebrated nationwide on April 22 each year since 1970, is a special time to appreciate and care for the planet. But are you wondering how to get involved and celebrate the holiday this year? You can do so in big and small ways that are all fun and inspiring. Whether you are an individual, community leader or business owner, you can do something to contribute. In the process, you will be helping your trash service in Charlotte NC become eco-friendlier. Here are some ideas to get you started.



  1. Have a neighborhood litter collection day

Pick up trash around your neighborhood or in a nearby park. Get a group of friends together either on Earth Day or another day that is convenient for you. After you gather the litter in bags, neatly tie up the bags and deliver them to your nearest Charlotte trash collection location.

  1. Get your garden growing

Earth Day coincides with the beginning of the growing season in many areas, especially warmer climates. So consider getting your garden growing that day or an a different day around April 22 by planting seeds for vegetables or herbs in your backyard garden or in pots around your house. You will be helping your food budget, starting a fun hobby and helping the environment all at the same time. Get your kids and neighbors involved too. Gather up the discarded items from your garden growing project, and give them to your trash service in Charlotte NC.

  1. Attend a festival

Many towns and cities host Earth Day parties and festivals. Look online or in your local newspapers for information on festivals taking place near you. Get some friends or family together, and go on a fun, educational and inspirational outing. Often these events include live music, local crafts and delicious homemade food. Be responsible while at the event by putting discarded items in their proper place, in trash bins and recycling areas. Your trash service in Charlotte NC while thank you.

  1. Check out the farmers’ market

Skip a trip to the grocery store, and enjoy an outing to your local farmers’ market. They sell all sorts of fresh produce and other food and miscellaneous items. If you see litter while you are out and about, pick it up and place it into the nearest trash cans or bins. It will be picked up by your trash service in Charlotte NC.

  1. Sign up for a CSA

Joining a community supported (or supporting) agriculture (CSA) farm supports local agriculture and helps the environment, so it’s a win-win situation. Your local trash service in Charlotte NC also is happy about the reduction in waste.

  1. Take a bike ride or walk

Get used to going places in ways other than by car. For example, ride your bike, walk, skateboard, take the bus, or even just minimize and combine trips. As you’re taking alternative transportation, pick up litter along the way. You’ll be helping our your trash service in Charlotte NC.

  1. Spring cleaning in an eco-friendly way

Use nonchemical cleaners or make your own homemade cleaners. Use ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. You won’t be using store-bought products and thus will not generate as many cleaner containers for the Charlotte trash collection people to pick up.

  1. Open your windows

With the warmer weather, it becomes increasingly possible to open windows rather than running heat. At the same time, it’s not yet hot enough to run air conditioning in many places. Use ceiling fans to keep air circulating, and avoid running heat and air conditioning when not necessary. You will save on energy usage that way.

  1. Cut down on disposables

Many people use individual drinks like bottled water, but this uses up a tremendous amount of plastic. Instead, get a nice water bottle made out of a safe material like glass or stainless steel. Keep refilling it over and over again, and wash as needed. Other items that you should avoid as disposables include diapers, utensils, plates, cups and napkins.

  1. Go paperless

Think before you print. In many instances, it is not necessary to print various documents. Rather, you can keep them electronically organized on your computer or other device. You will have far less paper items for your local trash service to pick up.

  1. Reuse as possible

By reusing items, you can cut down on the amount of trash you generate. For example, when you finish using glass jars from peanut butters and jams, wash them up, remove the labels and use them for a variety of purposes around the house such as food leftovers. You will cut down on  trash collection needs and help the environment at the same time.

  1. Kick your recycling efforts up a notch

You probably recycle some items are your house, but see if you can set up your efforts by recycling even more. One way to celebrate Earth Day today and the rest of the year is to get your whole family, or your neighbors, into a cadence of recycling.

  1. Go shopping with reusable bags in tow

When you go shopping for groceries, nutritional supplements, dog food, and any other items for your home during Earth Day week, bring reusable bags with you. There are many nice cloth ones available that you can easily wash and neatly fold away until you run errands again. Do the same when you shop for items needed for your business. You trash service in Charlotte NC will thank you, because you will be helping their efforts to reduce the amount of trash put into the landfill.

All-Points Waste Service participates in Earth Day festivities every year and sees this as an important way of keeping communities clean and safe. This is a large and important company initiative. The company prides itself on quality trash collection services that benefit the environment not just on Earth Day but all year long.

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