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National Garbage Man Week 2018

National Garbage Man Week 2018

National Garbage Man Week 2018

Say “Thank You” to Your Residential Trash Service Drivers During National Garbage Man Week of Appreciation!

Garbage men and women are some of the most important people in our communities, and yet they often go unrecognized for the important trash removal and recycling services that they provide in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as around the country.  However, there is one national holiday dedicated specifically to celebrating these workers of whom you may not have heard until now. It’s National Garbage Man Appreciation Week!

Although we should always show our gratitude towards our hard working garbage men and women, All-Points Waste Service is encouraging Charlotte community members to thank local trash service workers during National Garbage Man Appreciation Week, which begins on June 17, 2018. Our Charlotte trash removal team wants to help recognize these garbage men and women who allow us to live in a world in which all of our trash is hauled away from our homes in an organized, efficient manner.

A Brief History of National Garbage Man Appreciation Week

Trash removal and recycling have been necessary in communities around the globe for centuries. Since the first wave of garbage disposal in 3,000 B.C.E., residential trash service and recycling efforts have continued to evolve due to various health and environmental crises of the times.  Garbage men and women have nearly always been key elements to keeping communities clean, helping citizens stay healthy, and protecting the environment.

However, before there were any garbage men and women, residential trash removal was nothing more than disposing of your own garbage in a large hole in the ground, and then covering it with a layer of dirt. In fact, this hole-in-the-ground method, better known as the first landfill, was created and used in Crete beginning in 3,000 B.C.E. From that point on, the concept of landfills became more common throughout nearby civilizations.  In fact, the next major evolution in trash removal happened in Greece. In 500 B.C.E., after years of smelling the stench that comes along with landfills, leaders in Athens, passed a law stating that trash could not be dumped within one mile of the city.

Although the stench seemed to be the main issue associated with residential trash removal in early civilization, there were bigger issues that came to the forefront in Europe during the 1300s.  “The Black Plague” struck the continent around 1350, and claimed nearly 25 million victims in only a few years. This outbreak of disease and the chaos that surrounded it led to the birth of the first official garbage men.

These first official garbage men emerged in Britain, and they were called “rakers” because they raked trash from the streets. Rakers placed waste that had been strewn all over public roads into carts to be hauled away. Disease was easily spread through unclean areas, which meant that these first garbage men were vital protecting public health. In fact, it was not until 1407 that a trash removal law was passed, which mandated that trash must be stored in people’s houses, not thrown on the streets, until rakers came along to haul the waste away.

Although the rakers were the first official residential trash removal service men, most people living during that time either burned or buried their trash, as they were not aware of the health consequences that these methods caused. Then, once the industrial revolution began, Britain passed the Public Health Act of 1875, which brought about some of the first moving trash receptacles that were emptied once each week.

Ten years later, in 1885, the United States built its first incinerator for mass trash removal services on Governor’s Island, New York. However, the cost, odor, and toxins released into the air while burning garbage made it a less desirable way to dispose of trash. Although nearly 300 incinerators were built throughout the United States and Canada, many early residential trash service providers in the early 1900s, using their horses and carts, simply dumped trash into oceans, wetlands, streams, and other areas of land that were uninhabitable.

Then, around 1914, horses and carts were no longer used for residential trash removal due to the advent of motorized carts and the rear-loader garbage truck. Along with this new technology, more legislation was passed regarding trash removal. In 1934, the Supreme Court of the United States made it illegal to dump waste into the ocean, and in 1945, there were nearly 100 U.S. cities using landfills that were deemed to be sanitary. Following suit to make garbage disposal safer for citizens and the environment, Britain passed the Clean Air Act in 1956, which put a stop to burning trash.

In addition to new legislation and new trucks for residential trash removal, recycling efforts picked up in the 1970s due to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  Along with the new wave of recycling garbage, garbage truck technology drastically improved in the 1990s. Garbage men and women no longer have to exit their trucks to collect garbage, which makes the process safer and more efficient.

Creative Ways to Show How Much You Appreciate Your Local Garbage Men and Women

Residential trash service workers deserve our continual thanks, especially during National Garbage Man Appreciation Week! Here are some fun, simple ideas that could make your local garbage men and women feel appreciated.


Bake your local garbage men and women homemade cookies or brownies. Bringing your Charlotte, North Carolina trash removal workers some tasty treats is a great way to say “thank you!”

Handwritten “Thank You” Notes

 Writing “thank you” notes to your residential trash service workers is a classic way to show how much you appreciate all that they do to keep your community clean. Be sure to decorate the front of the card, and really sink some effort into your note!  Making a creative card does not cost a thing!

Meet your Trash Collector with a cold bottle of water or Gatorade®

Think of how hot it is for trash removal workers in Charlotte, North Carolina during the summer! Help garbage men and women stay hydrated on the job with a cold beverage.

Offer to Help Load Garbage into the Truck

 If you have excess garbage piled by your trash cans, offer to help your trash collector load the waste into the back of the garbage truck.

Give your Garbage Man or Woman a Gift Card

 Show your appreciation for your residential trash service workers by giving them gift cards to restaurants or even the movies! These all-purpose cards make wonderful “thank you” gifts.


The simplest way to show how much you appreciate your garbage men and women who are trying to keep your community and the environment clean is by recycling. We should all do our fair share of recycling in order to promote healthiness and happiness in our city and around the globe!

Visit The National Garbage Man Day Website

 This website (  provides you with a list of more ways to show how much you appreciate your garbage men and women. You can download “thank you” cards, give a shout out to your favorite trash collectors on social media, download a free Garbage Man coloring book, and much more.

All-Points Waste Service Garbage Collectors Share Interesting On-The-Job Encounters

 While our trash removal employees agree that they enjoy serving the Charlotte, North Carolina community, seeing smiles on kids’ faces, teaching community members about recycling, and simply knowing that they are doing a job well done, they have all had different, interesting encounters with animals, reptiles, and insects on their residential trash service routes. These encounters include:

  • Being chased by dogs
  • Finding guard dogs attached to dumpsters
  • Having raccoons jump out from garbage bins
  • Crawling into a dumpster to pack down garbage, and being met by a raccoon
  • Having a snake jump out of a trash can—no snake or person was harmed.
  • Being chased by bees

 Not only do All-Points Waste Service roll off drivers have to brave extreme weather while handling garbage, they also have to be aware of critters that come along with residential trash removal!

 All-Points Waste Service is offering a deal on new residential trash service contracts in honor of National Garbage Man Appreciation Week!  Pay for a full year of residential trash service, and receive one month’s worth of trash removal for free!

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