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All-Points Teams Up with Wipe Out Waste

All-Points Teams Up with Wipe Out Waste

At All-Points Waste Service, Inc, we believe all of us should take steps to live cleaner and more environmentally-conscious lives. We can do that by better understanding where our waste goes. Recycling and waste reduction are what we’re all about. It’s why teaming with Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction and Recycling just makes sense.

All-Points Waste is a proud partner of the “We Can Wipe Out Waste” campaign, and this year we were honored to be recognized as one of a select group of businesses striving to make Mecklenburg County a cleaner and greener place.

On October 23rd, our team attended the Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Awards banquet. We had a great time sharing the ways All-Points Waste’s commercial recycling saves natural resources. Did you know that for every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees are not cut down, 7,000 gallons of water are saved, and 380 gallons of oil will not be used? This waste elimination saves enough energy to heat one home for six months!

All-Points Waste Service offers a variety of recycling containers for your home or business. We can sort a wide variety of recyclable items. We help our customers decide which recycling option is best for them, whether that’s a 96 gallon roll-out cart or a custom manufactured recycling container.

Besides incorporating waste-reduction into our own business model, we’ve also put an emphasis on community eco-outreach. Part of the “We Can Wipe Out Waste” campaign is to get the community involved and excited about their own individual impact on waste-reduction.

On Earth Day this year, we had a great time teaming up with The Extreme Ice Center. For every piece of recyclable material families brought into the skate rink they got a dollar of admission or skate rental.

Education is the first step to understanding your waste impact. Below is a list of recyclable items. Some are pretty standard, others you may be surprised to learn about. See if you’re missing out on some key recyclable items:

● Plastic Containers (except #6)
● Rigid Plastics (toys, litter boxes and buckets)
● Empty Aerosol Cans
● Cartons & Juice Boxes
● Cardboard (flattened)
● Aluminum
● Glass
● Tin/Steel Cans
● Paper (newspaper, brown paper bags, magazines, corrugated containers, junk mail, high-grade paper, cereal boxes, telephone books)

You can check out the non-recyclable items here. And don’t forget to check out the Wipe Out Waste Campaign, to learn about other ways you can make smarter waste decisions as well as become a Wipe Out Waste Ambassador. Thanks for helping us make a cleaner, less-wasteful world.

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