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What to Look for Before Hiring A Residential Waste Company

What to Look for Before Hiring A Residential Waste Company

What to Look for Before Hiring A Residential Waste Company

If you are new to the area, or if you wish to make a change from your current waste collection provider to another service, it is likely you are not sure which business to use for residential trash service pick up. The company you select can make a difference in your overall satisfaction with garbage collection service obtained. Here are some points to consider when making the choice in which garbage collection service to hire for the removal of trash from your property.

Ask About What Is Included

Most people will give a call to a waste collection service before hiring them to take away their household trash. During this call, it is important to inquire about exactly what is included with the service being provided. Some collection services will have added costs to the proposed weekly trash pickup price they quote to new owners over the phone. This can be a surprise to homeowners when they receive their first bill.

Most waste companies will add an environmental charge to a customer’s bill. This is to pay for the amount of fuel needed for trucks to make their rounds to remove trash. Since this charge varies depending on the prices of fuel at the time, it is important to ask a service how this amount is calculated. This way, those using a garbage service will be able to keep on top of how much this amount will be, helping them to stay within budget if necessary.

In addition to fuel costs, some residential waste services provide customers with the service in picking up recyclable materials. This may be included in pricing or may be a completely separate charge altogether. It is best to ask about this service and what it includes before agreeing to a pickup schedule if recycling is a concern. Knowing whether or not you have to separate and clean out recyclable materials will also be helpful if this service is desired. A service can assist with specifications regarding this process if needed.

Take A Look At Schedules Available

Before deciding upon a waste refuse company to use for home trash pick up, knowing the frequency of the service they provide will be necessary. Some communities will have weekly trash pickup on a designated day. If a business does not provide a homeowner with a specific day of the week for pickup services, it may be best to move on to another company altogether. Knowing what day to have household trash ready for pickup will aid in determining how many containers will be needed to hold garbage. It is also important to inquire about holiday dates and when trash would be picked up if a holiday coincides with a pickup day of the week. Asking a service for their holiday schedule will help in planning purposes.

Watch Local Businesses In Action

Doing a bit of surveillance to see how garbage men and women do their jobs can be a great way to help in deciding which local service to select. Simply take a drive around the neighborhood at a time garbage cans are placed at curbside. When your scheduled garbage truck arrives, observe the workers and see if they handle trash cans and the properties with their care in mind.

A reputable trash collection service will have workers who adhere to the laws of the road. All-Points Waste Service also requires all drivers attend a reoccurring safety training class so that every driver helps keep the community safe every day.

If a garbage truck stops in its entirety and puts on flashing lights indicating it is going to be collecting curbside trash, those on the road will remain safe while nearby. If a waste collection business has workers who will physically dump household trash into the back of the vehicle, watch for their mannerisms during an evaluation of a service. It is important that containers are placed back in their original locations, out of the way of oncoming traffic. Some waste collection services will have trucks with the capability to lift containers and dump the contents into the vehicles without the need for workers to leave their posts inside. Watching the process is an informative way of knowing how to position containers appropriately.

Find Out About Can Specifications

Some trash collection services will require that homeowners purchase trash cans with a specific size limit. Others will provide customers with the cans to be used for home trash pick up. It is important to inquire about the rules a waste removal service has in place. If there are questions about whether a can is appropriate, asking the garbage service is best. They will give customers measurements and make recommendations pertaining to nearby establishments where cans can be purchased if necessary.

If cans are provided by a service, they will be considered the property of the business. Stickers may also be provided to a customer to affix to cans so garbage collection workers will know to stop at a particular property for trash removal. If service is suspended for any reason, the trash bins will be collected by the service at the end of the collection term.

Weigh All Options Before Deciding

While pricing is certain to be a part of the deciding factor in choosing a trash removal business, weighing the benefits of services provided for the cost required is best. Contact All-Points Waste Service to find out if we can service your residential neighborhood and give you a quote for the residential waste services you need.

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